News from the Institute for Applied Economic Research at the University of Tübingen


Call for Papers: "Arbeitswelt 4.0"

On September 19th, 2016 the conference "Future project Arbeitswelt 4.0" (working world 4.0) will be held in Stuttgart, offering a platform for discussion on how to design the digital working world in Germany. Theoretical, empirical and applied contributions from engineering, economic and social sciences can be presented. Scientific papers or extended abstracts with a minimum of 4000 characters in English or German can be submitted in PDF-format under until May 27, 2016.


April 5, 2016 IAW-Jahresversammlung (Annual assembly of the IAW) at the Deutsche Bundesbank, Stuttgart

Annual assembly of the IAW

Award ceremony of the Norbert-Kloten-Prize for Applied Economic Research 2016:

  • Dario Cords M.Sc. "Multi-unionism at the Firm Level: A Theoretical Analysis"

Lecture: "The consequences of the refugee migration: What do we know, what do we not know yet?"

  • Prof. Dr. Herbert Brücker (IAB, Nürnberg; University of Bamberg)

Panel Discussion

  • Prof. Dr. Herbert Brücker (IAB, Nürnberg, University of Bamberg)
  • Christian Rauch (Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung der Regionaldirektion Baden-Württemberg der Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Stuttgart)
  • Peter Heilbrunner (SWR 1 Baden-Württemberg, Leiter Aktuelles) - Moderation
  • Dr. Martin Wansleben (Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag e.V. - DIHK), Berlin

New IAW Discussion Papers released

Bernhard Boockmann, Sebastian Nielen (2016): Mentoring Disadvantaged Youths during School-to-Work Transition: Evidence from Germany, IAW Discussion Papers No. 123, March 2016

Andrea Bellucci, Alexander Borisov, Alberto Zazzaro (2016): Bank Organization and Loan Contracting in Small Business Financing, IAW Discussion Papers No. 122, January 2016

New IAW Discussion Papers released

June 2, 2015 at 5 p.m.: Bundesbank-IAW Lecture on European Economic Integration

Professor Harold James [Princeton University]: What Monetary Union Means for Europe

Harold James is Professor of History and International Affairs, Department of History, and Director of the Program in Contemporary European Politics and Society at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. He has written extensively on the European and German economic history. Among his acclaimed recent books are “The Creation and Destruction of Value” (Harvard University Press, 2009), an authoritative comparative account of the Great Depression 1930s and the Great Recession, “Krupp: A History of the Legendary German Firm” (Princeton University Press, 2012) as well as “Making the European Monetary Union” (Harvard University Press, 2012).  In 2004 he was awarded the first Helmut Schmidt Prize for Transatlantic Economic History, and in 2005 he won the Ludwig Erhard Prize for Writing on Economics.

The Bundesbank-IAW Lecture on European Economic Integration invites leading experts in economics to present their research results on the future direction of the European economy.

Venue: Alte Aula der Universität Tübingen, Münzgasse 22-30.