The development of supply and demand of qualified employees in the non-medical healthcare industry

Many current studies on the supply and demand of qualified employment in the healthcare industry explicitly or implicitly focus on the role of physicians within the system. The present project, in contrast, explores and analyses professions and sectors within the healthcare industry apart from physicians and doctor’s offices. Sectors and occupations that lack qualified personnel are at the core of the study. These include nursing, elderly care, midwifery, physical therapy as well as the craftsmanship sectors of orthopedic technology and hearing aid acousticians.

Qualitative information, aggregate data (“Gesundheitswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnung”) as well as micro-level data of employers and employees (German Business Register, Mikrozensus, BIBB/BAuA Labour Force Survey) are used to investigate different aspects of the current structure and dynamics as well as the future perspectives of employment and business activities within these sectors and professions.

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2015 - 2017