The Stuttgart Region Report 2019

In many ways the Stuttgart Region constitutes the backbone of Baden-Württemberg’s economy. Throughout the last years the stable and positive development of both the economy and employment overall were maintained. Furthermore, the Stuttgart Region’s leading position – within Baden-Württemberg and Germany – in a number of sectors was strengthened. The report seeks to describe and analyze the region’s structure and dynamics with a special emphasis on employment and added value. This entails a general comparison of the region’s development to other regions, as well as in-depth reviews of single industry sectors and specific aspects of employment.

Structural and technological change do also play important roles in this highly developed region, especially concerning mobility and road traffic, on which the discussion has become increasingly controversial. The report will address this highly dynamic sector in an entire section titled “Mobility services and mobility service providers”. Statistical data and case studies on firms are used to illustrate the current developments in this sector and their influence on the regional, heavily automotive-centered industry, while also taking into account effects of digitization. The section aims to comprehensively analyze the sector, as well as its current and future role in the regional economy.

Report (in German)

Summary (in German)

In cooperation with:

IMU-Institut, Stuttgart

Commissioned by:

Verband Region Stuttgart, IHK Region Stuttgart, Handwerkskammer Region Stuttgart, IG Metall Region Stuttgart

Project team:

  • Dr. Andreas Koch (Projektleiter)
  • Tobias König

Contact Person:
Dr. Andreas Koch ( +49 7071 9896 12 // E-Mail )


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