The Stuttgart Region Report 2021: Dynamics and transformation of the regional economy against the background of the corona pandemic

In many ways, the Stuttgart Region constitutes the backbone of Baden-Württemberg’s economy. Throughout the last years, the stable and positive development of both the economy and employment overall were maintained. However, transformation processes in various sectors of the economy have shaped this development increasingly. In addition to these processes – driven by global technological, political and social changes – the global Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting the activities of companies and employees in the region since the beginning of 2020.

The Stuttgart Region report takes a closer look at the connections and interactions between the ongoing transformation processes and the corona crisis. The description and analysis of the regional structures and dynamics of the economy and employment is complemented by an assessment of current developments that arise under the general conditions of the pandemic. Based on statistical data (e.g. on short-time work, home office, lockdowns) and interviews, implications as well as opportunities and risks of the latest developments for the regional economy, local actors and the transformation processes itself are worked out and discussed.

Report (in German)

In cooperation with:

  • IMU-Institut, Stuttgart

Commissioned by:

  • Verband Region Stuttgart, IHK Region Stuttgart, Handwerkskammer Region Stuttgart, IG Metall Region Stuttgart

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Dr. Andreas Koch ( +49 7071 9896 12 // E-Mail )


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