The Stuttgart Region Report 2023: Regional economic resilience in the face of crisis and transition

In many ways, the Stuttgart Region constitutes the backbone of Baden-Württemberg’s economy. Throughout the last years, the stable and positive development of both the economy and employment overall were maintained. However, diverse transformation processes and most recently global crises have also increasingly characterized this development. In order to maintain an economically successful environment, the economic resilience of the region must be strengthened.

The Stuttgart Region Report takes an in-depth look at various resilience factors and the abilities to overcome economic challenges. The description and analysis of these factors with a specific focus on the economy and employment is supplemented by recommendations and an outlook on future development potentials arising from local conditions for the region. Based on current scientific findings, regional data and in-depth interviews with experts, the implications as well as the opportunities and risks of recent developments for the economy of the region are being presented and discussed.

Final report - long version (in German)

Final report - abstract (in German)

In cooperation with:

  • IMU-Institut, Stuttgart

Commissioned by:

  • Verband Region Stuttgart, IHK Region Stuttgart, Handwerkskammer Region Stuttgart, IG Metall Region Stuttgart

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Dr. Andreas Koch ( +49 7071 9896 12 // E-Mail )


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