Recent innovations in technology and changes in the working environment in Germany: requirements for adapting vocational education and advanced training

This project analyses the challenges the digital transformation poses on the system of vocational education and advanced training. Regarding vocational education, it will be studied how training contents keep up with the digital transformation and how the evolving scope of activities can be integrated into these concepts. Regarding advanced training, the analysis focuses both on in-house and intercorporate training as well as on tertiary education.

Both vocational education and advanced training affect social mobility of the labour force. The requirement for requalification in face of the digital transformation will be studied as well as the question how advanced training can efficiently increase mobility both between occupations and industries.

This study applies the method of guideline-based interviews with experts to answer the questions posed above. Experts from all relevant institutions will be included. Preparatory steps will involve a literature review and the development of a system of indicators. A research workshop will be organized to validate the results obtained in the interviews and to develop guidelines.

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