Designing a “Masterplan Mittelstand” (main study) based on scientific data and on a comprehensive participation process with relevant stakeholders

The study for the development of a “Masterplan Mittelstand” [small and medium-sized businesses] aims at describing and analyzing the current strengths and weaknesses of the SME sector in Baden-Württemberg. On this basis, challenges, visions, strategies and the recommendations for action will be derived for the medium-term development of the SME sector in Baden-Württemberg.

Against the background of economic transformation, technological and organisational change and demographic development, the first part of the project will identify the situation and prospects of SMEs in a strengths/weaknesses-analysis. The second part of the project will result in proposals for fields of action, instruments and the coordination of SME policy. The analyses are based on the evaluation of statistical data, own surveys and a participation process of relevant stakeholders.

In cooperation with:

  • Leibniz-Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung, Mannheim (ZEW), Institut für Mittelstandsforschung der Universität Mannheim (ifm)

Commissioned by:

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg

Project team:

Contact Person:
Dr. Andreas Koch ( +49 7071 9896 12 // E-Mail )