July 11, 2022: The 7th Bundesbank-IAW-Lecture on European Economic Integration in Tübingen

Thierry Mayer is one of the most widely cited economists in the field of international trade and multinational production. His work is published in the world's top economics journals, and he is co-editor of the Journal of International Economics. He is a leading expert on the economic policy of the EU single market. For example, he co-authored an influential study on "The Cost of Non-Europe" published in the 2019 issue of Economic Policy. As a scientific advisor to CEPII, France's leading center for research and expertise in global economics, Thierry Mayer has also been instrumental in creating some of the most widely used datasets in international trade.

Event Series Information:

The Bundesbank-IAW Lecture on European Economic Integration invites leading economists to present their research findings on the future direction of the European economy. The event is held in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. It takes place once a year.

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