Stuttgart Financial Centre: Regional Economic Importance and Regional Competitive Performance

Over the last years, there has been a steady increase in the importance of the financial sectors for economies worldwide. The same holds true for the Stuttgart Financial Centre, whose regional relevance shall be examined in this project. More specifically, we will look at the impact that the financial sector in Stuttgart has on value added and employment in this region.

The second part of this project looks at the relative position that the Stuttgart Financial Centre has among other German and European financial centres. Apart from the usual location factors, we will also look at so-called soft factors that have recently gained more and more importance. We will give an encompassing picture of the Stuttgart Financial Centre, taking into account its attractiveness for highly qualified employees in the field of finance.

Final Report: Raimund Krumm, Katja Neugebauer:
Der Finanzplatz Stuttgart im europäischen Standortvergleich.
IAW Policy Reports Nr. 9, Mai 2012 [326 kB].

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Dr. Raimund Krumm


2011 - 2011