Cross-Border mineral resource flows in the Lake Constance region

Mineral raw materials such as gravel or sand form an important basis for the construction industry, as they are the feedstock for any structural and civil engineering. A characteristic feature of these mineral resources is that their material value is usually low in relation to the transport costs. Although mineral raw materials are important goods, there is only little reliable information on the transports of mineral raw material and in particular on the cross-border flows, for example in the Lake Constance region.

In this research project, basic information and reliable data on the transport of mineral raw materials in the international Lake Constance region are to be collected and scientifically analysed in order to create more transparency for all stakeholders involved. Furthermore, the project serves as the purpose of revealing the optimization capability and to contribute to an objectification of existing discussions about the material supply and transport.

The key component of a multistage research design is a transnational standardised survey of companies in the sector of raw material extraction in the Lake Constance region. In preparation of the survey and in order to gather further and deeper knowledge on the subject, expert interviews are conducted. Supplementary data and background information are collected as part of a literature and document analysis.

The study is supported by the “Internationale Bodensee-Konferenz (IBK)” (International Committee of the Lake Constance Region). The IBK aims at preserving and promoting the region as an attractive area for living, nature, culture and economy. It is in their deepest interest to strengthen the regional cohesiveness across national borders.

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