Regional Competitiveness Factors and their Significance on the Dynamics of Employment and the Development of Industrial Enterprises in Baden-Württemberg

The aim of the project is to analyse the impact of regional conditions on the development of manufacturing firms. Thereby, in cooperation with the “Statistisches Landesamt Baden-Wuerttemberg” a firm panel data set is created based on data from German Official Statistics covering the period from 1980 to 2003. In a first step the amount of regional job reallocation in Baden-Wuerttemberg is examined within a job turnover framework on a regional level (“Kreise”). Moreover, we explain firm growth on the micro level using suitable (panel)econometric methods and controlling for firm-specific and environment-specific effects. Special emphasis is met on the role of regional-specific effects.

In cooperation with:

  • Statistical Office Baden-Württemberg

Commissioned by:

  • Commissioned by: Ministry of Economics Baden-Württemberg

Project team:

Contact Person:

Prof. Dr. Harald Strotmann


2006 - 2006