Compatibility of Professional and Family Life

Starting point has been the increasing complexity and individualisation of the division of work between men and women. To reconcile these both realms is neither a task for women only nor limited to certain social levels. It concerns all parents. The commitment of the parents to deal with the situation is necessary but very often not sufficient. To improve the situation there is the need for understanding on behalf of the employer and for a good supply of (child) care. These two directions are followed by the project.

In Baden-Württemberg which is at the centre of the project there is need for action concerning

(1) a better supply of care (especially all-day child care). This belongs very much to the public domain. (2) More understanding on behalf of the employers. (3) A much better dialogue between the institutions of care on the one side and the employers on the other to ease the coordination between these both areas.

As part of the project the IAW has prepared a symposium on this issue for the client (Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg). The symposium took place on January 19th, 2005.

More information is available at [Beruf&Familie].

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