Supply-demand ratio for the segment of vocational training in external facilities (BaE)

The transition from school to vocational training and further into employment is an important development task for teenagers and young adults. Fractures within this course can lead to an insufficient accumulation of education, knowledge and experience which can result in insecure employment, unemployment and unstable careers in later life. Vocational training in external facilities (BaE) adresses these issues. This type of training is intended to enable so-called disadvantaged young adults who have not found a training position in a company to undertake vocational training and to support and promote them during this training.

In the purpose of a needs-based structure of different grants, a balanced relationship between young adults with special needs and available places in educational institutions is desirable. One established form of analysis is the supply-demand ratio (ANR).

The aim of the expertise is on the one hand the theoretical introduction to the possibilities of the ANR. On the other hand, the focus is on creating an ANR referring to the background of the city of Wiesbaden and the available date. The final results are intended to provide indications for the City of Wiesbaden and a more precise prediction regarding the demand for training places in external facilities for the near future.

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