Reporting on Poverty and Wealth in Germany : Amartya Sen's "Capability-Perspective"

As recommended in a recent and IAW-study, the German Federal Government has decided to apply Amartya Sen’s “Capability approach” as a conceptual guideline in future poverty and wealth reports. This subsequent feasibility study will analyse the empirical situation of poverty and wealth in Germany, from a capability perspective. Furthermore, mutual capability deprivations and privileges shall be identified. Finally, recommendations for the further conceptual and empirical development of German poverty and wealth reports and – on a European level – for future National Action Plans against Poverty and Social Exclusion will be given.

You can download the feasibility study from here [PDF: 1,5 MB].

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  • Commissioned by: Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security

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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Volkert ( +49 // E-Mail )


2006 - 2006