Gender-specific Impact of the Legal Framework and Support Programs on Offers of the Initiative "Support for Young People without School Qualifications to Enter the Professional World" within the Context of the ESF-Projects DIANA

The equal charity Baden-Württemberg e.V., the deaconry Württemberg e.V. and the agency of the initiative “support for young people” conduct jointly the project DIANA in Baden-Württemberg. The project is financed by the European social capital funds as well as funds offered by Baden-Württemberg. The aim is to improve equal opportunities for young women and men throughout their education as well as throughout their professional life.

The IAW was assigned to provide a study within the DIANA context with the objective to analyze and to make transparent the gender-specific impacts of the legal framework and support programs on the initiative “support for young people”. In respect to the addressees we will develop applicable working aids that give support to the gender-reflective work. Moreover we will derive recommendations to enable an integrated and coordinated approach. Additionally – to address politicians – we will elaborate suggestions for a gender-fair and gender-sensible organizing of laws and support programs of the initiative “support for young people”. In addition, a criterion- and indicator catalogue to analyze the legal framework and support programs of the initiative support for young people will be worked out. To provide an example we will investigate the gender-specific consequences of the concrete implementation in two regions of Baden-Württemberg.


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  • Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband e.V., Baden-Württemberg

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Andrea Kirchmann ( +49 7071 9896 33 // E-Mail )


2006 - 2006