Evaluation of the project "50 plus – reintegration of elder unemployed into the labour market" in the district Ortenaukreis

Within the framework of the national program "Perspective 50plus" the economy, trade unions, communal agencies and other relevant actors have committed themselves to enforce the reintegration of elder unemployed in the labor market through the development of regional solutions and the encouragement of regional initiatives.

One of those regional attempts is the project "50plus – reintegration of elder unemployed into the labor market" in the district Ortenaukreis. Key features are increasing presence in the public, profound profiling, intensive support service, and targeted measures for qualification, to match unemployed and vacancies as precisely as possible.

Being part of a national program, the project is evaluated externally by the IAW. The IAW participates in the process of formulating the precise objectives of the project and the determination of the degree of implementation. It undertakes a validation of the instruments, works out an analysis of the economic utility, and checks for transferability of certain measures.

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  • Commissioned by: Landratsamt Ortenaukreis

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Günther Klee ( +49 // E-Mail )


2008 - 2008