Study on the workplace situation in acute and long-term care and identification as well as model implementation of indicators for good working conditions in long-term care

With the so-called “Concerted Action for Nursing” (“Konzertierte Aktion Pflege”, see and, the Federal Ministry of Health is pursuing the goal to increase the attractiveness of the care profession and has defined measures to improve working conditions in the care sector. These include increasing transparency about good working conditions in long-term care facilities.

The Federal Ministry of Health commissioned the IGES Institute GmbH Berlin and the IAW to conduct a study In order to gain insights into which criteria can be used to identify good working conditions in long-term care and which indicators are suitable for their presentation, The following investigations were carried out in this study:

  • Conducting a systematic international literature search on the current state of science on criteria of good working conditions
  • Evaluating the identified criteria of good working conditions and the indicators used with regard to the quality of operationalization, measurement and feasibility
  • Model implementation of selected indicators in fully- and partly-stationary facilities with scientific support

Recommendations for action for the client were developed on the basis of the results of the research and discussion.

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