Comparison of data sources for an analysis of transitions in the labor market

Traditionally, the causal minimum wage literature focuses on the study of stocks, that is, the number of people in a particular labor market state, with employment or unemployment usually in the foreground. However, there has recently been a growing interest in analyzing transitions between labor market status. Microeconometric studies which consider the impact of the minimum wage on individual transitions into and out of unemployment are still comparatively rare but are becoming increasingly important.

The aim of the expertise was therefore to clarify which data sets are promising for the analysis of minimum wage-related transitions between different labor market statuses. For this, the following data sets were examined in detail:

  1. The Integrated Employment Biographies (IEB)
  2. The Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP)
  3. The Panel Study Labour Market and Social Security (PASS)
  4. The microcensus
  5. The National Educational Panel Study (NEPS)

The IAW was responsible for the analyzes based on the PASS.

Report (in German)