Aquatic Sports as an Economic Factor in the Lake Constance Region

Empirical Evidence for economic benefits of recreational boating for Germany and other countries is slightly rare and therefore quantitative information for the Lake Constance area which covers parts of Austria, Southern Germany and Switzerland has not been available yet. Each year, Lake Constance attracts about 250,000 people doing recreational boating. In two surveys information from the demand side as well as the supply side have been collected. Then, results have been discussed with several experts. At last, the quantitative information concerning recreational boating have been estimated and projected to the whole population using a pragmatic approach.

Commissioned by:

  • Commissioned by: Internationale Wassersportgemeinschaft Bodensee (IWGB)

Project team:

  • Günther Klee M.A.
  • Dr. Wolf Dieter Heinbach
  • u.M.v. Dr. Sigried Caspar, Rosali Gohl, Andreas Kerl, Stefanie Schröpfer und Frank Wehinger

Contact Person:
Günther Klee ( +49 // E-Mail )


2006 - 2006