Empirical Studies on the Basis of the IAB Establishment Panel for Baden-Württemberg (since 2000)

The IAB Establishment Panel is an annual representative repeat survey of around 15,500 employers from all branches of the economy and of all sizes nationwide. The survey is carried out under the name "Employment Trends" by Verian (formerly: Kantar Public, Mantle Germany GmbH), Munich on behalf of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB),

This representative survey of establishments covers a wide range of questions on a great many topics related to employment policy. The standard annual programme of questions is complemented by topics of current interest.

The evaluation of the Baden-Württemberg sample has become part of the "standard repertoire" of empirical research activities at the IAW. The findings and results of the analyses related to Baden-Württemberg are regularly published in the Series IAW Brief Reports, and can be downloaded from there. 

Commissioned by:

  • Ministry of Economics and Regional Directorate of the Federal Labour Agency Baden-Württemberg 

Project team:

Contact Person:
Tobias König ( +49 7071 9896 22 // E-Mail )