Evaluation of the Equal Opportunities Projects Mathilde Planck Lectureship Programme and Brigitte Schlieben Lange Programmme for Young Women Researchers and Academics with Children

Women are underrepresented in research and teaching at institutions of higher education: this doubtlessly applies to students at a beginners’ level in the natural as well as the technical sciences. But also in other disciplines of research the percentage of women of the total amount of academics declines with rising level of qualification and position in hierarchy. The filling of positions in decision-making bodies of universities is not at all gender balanced either.

Against this background the the overall objective of equal opportunities projects in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg consists in achieving professional gender balance in all fields of science, teaching and research. In order to realise this, it is still necessary to further the professional careers of women by financial, organisational and other measures. The promotion of equal opportunities for women is the core intention of the both projects which are to be evaluated here. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide concrete and detailed information about the outcomes of these programmes. Representative surveys conducted among the female participants in both support programmes serve as basis for the evaluation.

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  • Landeskonferenz der Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften in Baden-Württemberg (LaKof)
  • Landeskonferenz der Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an den wissenschaftlichen Hochschulen Baden-Württembergs (LaKoG)

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  • Commissioned by: Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg

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Günther Klee ( +49 // E-Mail )


2012 - 2013