Evaluation of the Points-based Model Project for Foreign Skilled Workers (PuMa)

Since autumn 2016, with the Points-Based Model Project for Foreign Skilled Workers (German abbreviation: PuMa) the federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg tests a new immigration channel for skilled workers from non-EU member states for a duration of three years. This model project follows a criteria-based approach. The criteria include among others proof of a vocational qualification or German language skills. Applicants who meet certain criteria will then be pooled and actively supported by the German Federal Employment Agency in job placements. The model project is limited to professions, which are not part of the German Federal Employment Agency’s list of „shortage-jobs“. Point-based rating systems have never been used in Germany, while they were already employed in other countries, such as e.g. Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The focus of the research project is on

… capturing the implementation of the model project

… analysing the flow of immigrants towards Germany, with a particular focus on certain elements and approaches within the point-based system

… displaying first results on the retention and labor market outcomes of immigrants in the short-run.

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