Progress Report "Altersgerechte Arbeitswelt" (Age-compliant working environment)

Given the ongoing demographic change and the resulting shortage of skilled labor, as well as the financial needs of the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pension system in Germany, the majority among experts believe that an employment increase of older workers and an extension of working life is necessary. Therefore, politics responded by rising the pensionable age to 67 years. An important task remains, however, to further increase the number of workers employed above the age of 65. According to the German Social Security Code, the German Government is required to evaluate the justification of the increase of the pensionable age with regard to the labor market development as well as to the economic and social circumstance of older workers. In this context, the progress report "Altersgerechte Arbeitswelt", which will be developed by the IAW and, indicates obstacles and difficulties and provides solutions towards an age-appropriate labor environment.

The concept includes a combination of various elements, in particular:

  • Recurring contents on the employment trend of the elderly, the change of mindset, and the participation of older workers in advanced training;
  • Concise, informative and weighted depiction of selected key aspects, e.g. state of health of older workers, and workplace design;
  • Practical examples of companies’ innovative instruments and approaches, examples of successful programs at the sectoral, occupational, and regional level.

The report is aimed at decision makers, for instance firms’ representatives of personnel development and human resources, public officials and government employees, chambers of industry and commerce, social services, and institutions of advanced training.

4th Progress Report (in German): Altersgerechte Arbeitswelt: Lebenslanges Lernen und betriebliche Weiterbildung

3rd Progress Report (in German): Altersgerechte Arbeitswelt: Länger gesund arbeiten

2nd Progress Report (in German): Altersgerechte Arbeitswelt: Altersgerechte Arbeitsgestaltung

1st Progress Report (in German): Altersgerechte Arbeitswelt: Entwicklung des Arbeitsmarkts für Ältere

Commissioned by:

  • Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Project team:

Contact Person:
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Boockmann ( +49 7071 9896 20 // E-Mail )


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