Cooperation among Business and Economics University Departments in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Area

In the wake of profound demographic changes, companies in the South-West of Germany have an intense interest in maintaining and strengthening the supply of well-educated university graduates in business and economics. Since the place of study often has an anchoring function in the early careers of university graduates, the attractiveness of local institutions of higher education for prospective students has important effects on the number of graduates applying for jobs at companies in the region.

The project investigates the state of cooperation among business and economics departments of six universities in the Stuttgart metropolitan area. It addresses whether and how increased cooperation may contribute towards improving the departments’ competitive position in attracting talented students and providing better education.

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  • Commissioned by: The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Stuttgart and Reutlingen

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Prof. Dr. Bernhard Boockmann ( +49 7071 9896 20 // E-Mail )


2008 - 2008