Research Project “Impulses for Gender Equality in the Performance Management System in Book II of the Social Code (SGB II)”

The aim of the research project is to develop recommendations for action for steering impulses within the framework of the nationwide SGB II-performance management system which can contribute to the fact that the policy of gender equality in the job seekers’ assistance will be pursued through administrative action to a greater extent.

The basis on which the recommendations are being drawn is an analysis of factors influencing and impacting gender equality relevant administrative actions.

While previous analyses which tried to explain gender-based inequalities in labour market outcomes have concentrated particularly on labour market structures and living conditions of the unemployed, this research project focuses on the effects that administrative actions and governance within the job centres have on gender equality results.

The research project uses a “mixed methods” design for data collection in which qualitative and quantitative methods are complementing each other.

Interim report (in German)