Resource-economical challenges for the business location Baden-Württemberg

Rising prices and increasing risks of delivery bottlenecks in non-energetic resources are confronting the business location Baden-Württemberg with its above average share of the manufacturing sector with particular challenges. This is especially true for resources which are classified as "critical".

Based upon this background, the first section of the project shall investigate the corresponding initial resource-economical position of this Bundesland. For this purpose, available data on the consumption of resources and on raw material prices are analyzed to get a first impression about the resource-economical position of Baden-Württemberg. In addition, data gaps shall be identified. Built upon these findings, procedures to cope with the unavailability of data shall be developed. In the second part of the project, the economics-based fundamentals shall be elaborated so that later on experts of technical-natural sciences can estimate the demand for critical resources in the Baden-Württemberg industry sectors.

Commissioned by:

  • BWPLUS Foundation Baden-Württemberg

Project team:

Contact Person:

Dr. Raimund Krumm


2012 - 2013