Investigation of international data innovations in labor market and social policy

The aim of this project is to identify and describe international examples of innovative use of data in labour market- and social policy. In particular, data innovations that could result in possible use cases for the German context in the future are highly relevant. The research covers the entire range of topics of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, i.e. from labour market and employment policy, including vocational training, labour protection, labour law, social insurance and age security to social participation and inclusion.

The research approach in this project is characterised by the use of expert interviews, an international research network and a conceptual exploration of public institutions and data producers. The spectrum of relevant innovations ranges from measures in the area of data generation, processes of data preparation and -linking to methods and technologies using artificial intelligence as well as Big Data.

The insights will be summarized in a report that presents each innovation in detail. The findings will also be used to derive possible applications in Germany and to discuss potential hurdles in the implementation of such data innovations in Germany. The project will lead to an improvement in the supply of data in research and administration as well as increase the transparency of political decisions by better informing citizens.