Dr. Lukas Fervers

Short CV

Master of Arts, he has studied Political Science and Social Policy in Freiburg and Bremen, with a particular focus on labour market and social policy, political economy and quantitative methods/applied econometrics. In June 2018, he has finished his PhD with the title 'Towards Comprehensive Policy-Evaluation - Reassessing the Effects of Labour Market and Social Policies from an Interdisciplinary Perspective' at the Centre for Social Policy Research in Bremen about the effect of labour market and social policies on various socioeconomic outcomes.

At the IAW, he conducted research in the area of labour market policy/labour economics, with a special emphasis on microeconmetric policy-evaluation.

On December 31, 2017 Lukas Fervers left the IAW and joined the Institute for Sociology and Social Psychology (ISS) at the University of Cologne. He has been an IAW research associate since December 2013. Since May 2018 he has been working again at the IAW, in the project 'State and company-level work-family reconciliation policies and maternal employment. An analysis from a capability approach perspective' commissioned by the German Research Foundation.

Scientific CV