Matthias Fauth

Short CV

Master of Science, joined the IAW as a research associate in March 2020. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics with a focus on international trade, English and finance at the University of Hohenheim and the Texas A&M University (College Station, USA), he went on to study Economics with a focus on international trade at the University of Hohenheim and the Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros (Madrid, Spain). In his Master’s Thesis, he quantified the economic consequences of the US tariff war in 2018.

His current research is focused on new quantitative trade theory. Moreover, he contributes to an IAW project regarding the analytical and methodical reinforcement of Germany’s foreign trade policy.

Matthias Fauth has been a doctoral candidate at the International Economics Group of the University of Hohenheim since October 2020. His dissertation is titled 'Trade Policy Evaluation and Heterogeneous Firms: A Quantitative Analysis using German Micro Data' and is supervised by Prof. Dr. Benjamin Jung, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kohler and Dr. Oliver Krebs.

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