Is Baden-Wuerttemberg suffering from an investment gap?

A sufficient investment activity is still seen as one of the central requirements for economic growth. This especially holds for the business location Baden-Wuerttemberg with its high share of manufacturing industry. Taking into consideration the relatively low investment rates of the last years, these could indicate that Baden-Wuerttemberg is suffering from a lack of investment.

Against this background, the project firstly examines whether the investment activity in Baden-Wuerttemberg is too low and secondly, which determinants influenced the investment levels of the past years. The corresponding analyses are not only based on datasets of the national accounts but also on several other data sources.

Commissioned by:

Ministry of Finance and Economics Baden-Wuerttemberg

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Prof. Dr. Bernhard Boockmann ( +49 7071 9896 20 // E-Mail )


2014 - 2015