Perspectives with apprenticeship training in engineering

Over the past ten years, enrollment rates in universities have increased significantly in Germany, while the number of new apprenticeship contracts in the dual system of vocational education has declined. If this trend continues, it will create major challenges in industries where the core workforce traditionally consists of employees with vocational training degrees.

In this project, we investigate career development, access to further training and the future attractiveness of vocational training for workers in the German mechanical engineering industry. The study is based on an analysis of representative microeconomic data. Furthermore, case studies will be carried out in six companies. The aim of the project is to obtain both an overview of the status quo and a forecast of future developments. From the results of the project, recommendations for personnel management will be derived that help raising the attractiveness of vocational training careers.

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IMPULS - Stiftung für den Maschinenbau, den Anlagenbau und die Informationstechnik

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Dr. Andreas Koch ( +49 7071 9896 12 // E-Mail )


2015 - 2016