IAW Housing Monitor of Baden-Württemberg

The IAW Housing Monitor is an instrument that monitors developments on the housing market in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. As housing market developments proceed more rapidly and trends are becoming more heterogeneous, public administration and politics, as well as the housing industry and financial institutions, need to react to changes more flexibly and adequately. Instead of guesswork, public decision making requires comprehensive and up-to-date information. A continuously operating monitoring system for the housing market fits this requirement and is increasingly used by decision-makers. The monitoring system is based on a fixed set of housing market indicators updated quarterly or annually. Current developments are placed in context with longer time series. In this way, long-run trends in the future structure of housing markets may be identified.

IAW-Wohnungsmonitor 2007

IAW-Wohnungsmonitor 2008

IAW Economic Monitor of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Conceptually, this special publication of the IAW has two unique features. First, it is not confined to regional comparisons but also takes into account foreign reference countries. Second, it moves beyond current developments by considering developments from 1993 to the present day. In this way, well-founded conclusions may be drawn concerning the long-term development of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s regional and international competitiveness.

Generously sponsored by IAW members and other institutions, the IAW Economic Monitor of Baden-Wuerttemberg has appeared three times since 2002. The last edition has been published july 2009.