Refereed External Publications

The IAW scientists publish articles in renowned peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Anne Zühlke

Monetary returns to secondary and tertiary education in Germany - a narrative review (in German).
Z f Bildungsforschung (2023).

Tobias König

Between collaboration and competition: co-located clusters of different industries in one region – the context of Tuttlingen’s medical engineering and metal processing industries
In: Regional Science Policy & Practice, 15(2), 288-325, April 2023.

Andrea Kirchmann, Anastasia Maier, Christin Schafstädt

Die Beratung im Jobcenter in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie.
Sozialer Fortschritt, 71(12), 859-869, 2022.

Martin Kroczek, Philipp Kugler, Anne Zühlke

Erwerbsverläufe und Einkommensentwicklung in der Pflege
Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik, 71(3), 246-265 (2022).

Tobias Brändle, Patrick Kampkötter, Michael Haylock, Philipp Grunau

Heterogeneity in Firms' Recruitment Practices - New Evidence from Representative Employer Data
German Journal of Human Resource Management. Vol. 37, Issue 2, August 23, 2022, pp. 107–136.

Martin Kroczek, Jochen Späth

The attractiveness of jobs in the German care sector: Results of a factorial survey
The European Journal of Health Economics. March, 2022,

Anne Zühlke, Philipp Kugler, Armin Hackenberger, Tobias Brändle

Accounting for dropout risk and upgrading in educational choices: new evidence for lifetime returns in Germany
Education Economics, 30(6), 574-589., December 2021

Philipp Kugler

The role of wage beliefs in the decision to become a nurse
Wiley Health Economics, First published: 15 October 2021