Refereed External Publications

The IAW scientists publish articles in renowned peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Philipp Kugler

The role of wage beliefs in the decision to become a nurse
Wiley Health Economics, First published: 15 October 2021

Tobias Brändle, Philipp Kugler, Anne Zühlke

Individual returns of a cooperative university degree (in German)
In: Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft - ZfE 2021,

Martin Biewen, Philipp Kugler

Two-Stage Least Squares Random Forests with an Application to Angrist and Evans (1998)
Economics Letters, Volume 204, July 2021, 109893, Code:

Wilhelm Kohler, Marcel Smolka

Productivity and Firm Boundaries
European Economic Review, vol. 135, June 2021,

Matthias Seckler, Jürgen Volkert

The capability approach: A promising foundation for sustainable development?
In: Ecological Economics Volume 183, May 2021,

Khira Sippli, Pia Schmalzried, Monika A. Rieger, Susanne Völter-Mahlknecht

Challenges arising for older workers from participating in a workplace intervention adressing work ability.
A qualitative study from Germany. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, January 2021. DOI: 10.1007/s00420-020-01639-x

Tobias Scheu, Jürgen Volkert, Julia Schmidtke

Arbeitsmarktintegration Geflüchteter aus Sicht von Geflüchteten und Jobcentern
Z'Flucht - Zeitschrift für Flucht und Flüchtlingsforschung, 4. Jg., 2/2020, S. 181-212.

Janka Höld, Jochen Späth, Cornelia Kricheldorff

What makes them happy? Professional care-givers’ job satisfaction.
Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie 53, 655–662 (2020).