Refereed External Publications

The IAW scientists publish articles in renowned peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Andrea Kirchmann, Anastasia Maier, Christin Schafstädt

Die Beratung im Jobcenter in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie.
Sozialer Fortschritt, 71(12), 859-869, 2022.

Martin Kroczek, Philipp Kugler, Anne Zühlke

Erwerbsverläufe und Einkommensentwicklung in der Pflege
Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik, 71(3), 246-265.

Tobias König

Between collaboration and competition: Co-located clusters of different industries in one region – context of Tuttlingen’s medical engineering and metal processing industry
In: Regional Science Policy & Practice , forthcoming 2022

Tobias Brändle, Patrick Kampkötter, Michael Haylock, Philipp Grunau

Heterogeneity in Firms' Recruitment Practices - New Evidence from Representative Employer Data
German Journal of Human Resource Management (forthcoming).

Martin Kroczek, Jochen Späth

The attractiveness of jobs in the German care sector: Results of a factorial survey
The European Journal of Health Economics. March, 2022,

Anne Zühlke, Philipp Kugler, Armin Hackenberger, Tobias Brändle

Accounting for dropout risk and upgrading in educational choices: new evidence for lifetime returns in Germany
Education Economics, 30(6), 574-589., December 2021

Philipp Kugler

The role of wage beliefs in the decision to become a nurse
Wiley Health Economics, First published: 15 October 2021

Tobias Brändle, Lukas Fervers

Give it Another Try: What are the Effects of a Job Creation Scheme Especially Designed for Hard-to-Place Workers?
Journal of Labor Research 42.3-4 (2021): 382-417. Link: