Working Environment in Times of Crisis and Change. An Impact Analysis of Labor Law Regulations and Labor Economic Company Preferences in Light of Their Performance and Crisis Resilience Using the Example of the Free State of Saxony.

Using the example of the Free State of Saxony, this empirical study examines how labor regulations affect the development of firms and the economy. Specifically, it is a question of how the (predominantly nationwide) labor law regulations are assessed by companies and employees in Saxony against the backdrop of the current crises and transformation processes, and how they affect the development and change potential of companies and the economy as a whole.

Ultimately, this raises the question of whether and to what extent the framework of existing labor and social law standards represents a success factor or an obstacle for the economic activities of individual companies and the business location as a whole. Another goal is to show how this legal framework might have to be changed to be more suitable for the current conditions in the economy.

In the project, on the one hand, a legal analysis is carried out (Prof. Dr. Monika Schlachter), which takes a look at selected aspects of labor law; on the other hand, extensive and in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs and companies as well as with employees and employee representatives serve as the empirical basis of the study. Possible political options for action will be discussed with the expert public in a workshop; the results will be presented to the public in a comprehensive report.