IAW Events and Seminars

June 19, 2019: 6th Bundesbank-IAW Lecture on European Economic Integration, Tübingen

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The Euro Crisis: Why did it happen and can it happen again?

Prof. Dr. Karolina Ekholm [Stockholm University]

The Bundesbank-IAW Lecture on European Economic Integration is organized in cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Tübingen.

May 22/23, 2019: Conference on International Economic Integration: Firms, Workers, and Policies at the University of Tübingen

The School of Business and Economics and the Institute for Applied Economic Research will host a conference to celebrate and honour Wilhelm Kohler's outstanding contributions to International Economics on May 22 and 23, 2019.

November 29/30, 2018: T H E Christmas Workshop 2018, University of Hohenheim

The Tübingen-Hohenheim-Economics (THE) Association cordially invites you to this year’s THE Christmas Workshop combining a Young Researcher Workshop and a Winter School. This year, we celebrate THE Christmas Workshop@10!

July 16, 2018: IAW-Seminar

Die Auswirkungen von Förderung und Forschung auf den regionalen Strukturwandel

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Brenner [Leiter der Arbeitsgruppe Wirtschaftsgeographie und Standortforschung, Universität Marburg]

June 4, 2018: 5th Bundesbank-IAW Lecture on European Integration

Brexit and the Future of the European Project

Prof. Dr. Peter Neary [University of Oxford]