IAW Events and Seminars

June 16, 2014: IAW-Seminar at the IAW

  • The Impact of National Fiscal Rules on the Stabilization Function of Fiscal Policy.

Agnese Sacchi [Universitas Mercatorum (Rome) and Governance and Economics Research Network (Vigo, Spain)]

  • Multiple Market Imperfections, Firm Profitability and Investment.

Germana Giombini [University of Urbino, Italy]

March 25, 2014: IAW-Jahresversammlung 2014 at the Deutsche Bundesbank in Stuttgart:

  • Award ceremony of the Norbert-Kloten-Prize for Applied Economic Research 2014
  • Föderalismusreform III - Mehr Steuerautonomie der Länder - Prof. Dr. Lars P. Feld
  • Panel Discussion: Finanzverfassung

February 20-21, 2014: Scientific Workshop at the IAW

New Firms and the Quality of Work – Working Conditions in the New Economy.
Employee and Employer Perspectives

December 5, 2013: THE Christmas Workshop 2013 - Winter School mit Doktorandenenworkshop an der Universität Hohenheim:

We Want them all Covered: Collective Bargaining and Firm Heterogeneity Theory and Evidence from Germany.

Tobias Brändle [IAW] zus. mit Dr. Florian Baumann [Universität Tübingen]

December 5-6, 2013: THE Christmas Workshop 2013 at the University of Hohenheim: